Where Was I?

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Very old news.


very very very old news

Dont worry… I like to go and look at the discontinued yoyo section at YYN and then I have to stop because I go man I got into yoyoing too late

I know exactly how you feel I always feel like I started way too late. All the yoyo’s I really like aren’t really sold anymore. or they are but they are modified. Oh well… Hopefully I’ll see more yoyos i like.

This is what I’d stab some one for

Dude, I’d pop a cap for that one.

I’ve seen a couple of those on ebay every once in a while.
maybe you could get your hands of one of them through there

ebay is a fail atm. You can’t find alot of good yoyo’s on ebay anymore.

Not true, good yoyos are hard to come by but they are still there