YYF Loop1080 problem

Hi guys,

I got myself a pair of loop1080s, and I find that they stall while looping. I’ve already lubed the bearings, as well as the back of the spacers( checked out forums and someone suggested it may help). However nothing seems to work for me!

Well sometimes stock response pads can be really bad so try changing the repsinse

Loop 1080’s use starbursts I believe, not response pads.

Have you tried a thicker string? That can help out a lot.

Oops my bad😂

Yes, it has a starburst. Im currently using slick 6. What strings are thicker than that?

Iyoyo slackies are pretty thick I use them for 4a

I use slick 8 in all of my loopers, fixed axle or bearing. Slick 6 is probably your problem.

I used to use kitty fat when I looped.

I thought slick 6 were for looping :frowning: but thanks, ill try changing the strings!

Six is more for string tricks. Too thin for loops.

Are you sure the gap is set correctly though? String thickness actually doesn’t really matter if you have adjustable gap.
Also when you say ‘stall’, do you mean the yoyo sleeps at the end of the string, or do you mean the yoyo loops downward?
If it sleeps at the end of the string (which is how people usually define ‘stalling’), add lube to the bearing, if still stalling narrow the gap.
If it loops downward, widen the gap and use shorter strings. If still loops downward, you can change one side of the spacer with old raider plastic spacer that is unsanded, or add something like a shim made of thick paper and put it under one side of the spacer to ‘raise’ it up slightly, then widen the gap even further.

Loop1080 tend to loop downward compared to most other loopers, so I’m not surprised if this is actually what you mean.