yyf half spec bearing???

how does it play?have you tried one??if you have can you put a comment bellow on what you think of it.thx.yo-bear.

p.s.im thinking about putting it in my boss.i dont like 5.00 mm gaps.screws up my throw.

if ur putting them in your boss i think you might have to put two in it and the boss doesnt have a 5mm gap

The make you be a better player. They also play just like any other flat bearing.


No, you can put one in. Two would create the beefcake setup.

it’s pretty much all i play.

i can’t imagine beefcaking them though. the gap would be ridiculous (it’s not truly ‘half’ the width of a regular bearing - a little more). some yo-yo’s won’t accommodate them if the axle’s too long.

True, But I don’t know how long the boss’s axle is lol!

You can always buy a shorter axle at your local hardware store.

this is about how long it is

On a peripheral note, I wonder if I could make one work in my Protostar o.O That would be WEIRD O.o