YYF GM2 Hubstack Problems

Okay, so ive got a problem that i dont understand at all.

My dna plays really well with stacks and the stacks are smooth. They make hardly any noise and are real nice. When i move those exact same stacks to my Grind Machine 2 and perform a pull start with them, i feel a real hard vibe and it slows the yoyo spin time down drastically. I wonder why that is? The stacks dont slow the gm2 down unless i hold them, to specify.

perhaps the stack post, which is the only thing that i can think of right now, is damaged?


the stack post may be damaged. but by GM2 you mean the metal edition? if you do then your problem is that the stacks themselves are made specifically different. the GM2 has small differences to the DNA,888,Genesis+,etc. stacks, and you need to buy A new set of stacks to repair them