YYF Genesis and YYJ Go Big for trade

I am trading a YYF Genesis. Yaay.

A couple dings, mostly scratches
Some color loss, mostly in the middle due to thumb grinding and stuff
Still plays awesome


(My apologies if some pics are way too small, I don’t know how to fix that)

Will trade for:
CLYW x One Drop Summit.
Just kidding. You’re supposed to laugh hueheuhuehuehuehuehuehue

I’m also willing to trade a YYJ Go Big that I never used. Though it has lost some of the text on one of the caps, it still plays like brand new. I’ll get pics up tomorrow.

PM me what you’re willing to trade and I’ll consider it.

Just kidding they’re gone.


wanna trade a dv888 (red) w/sanded rims for the genesis? still pretty smooth sanding removed most of the dings