[FS/FT]sb Genesis, kyo DNS and a YYJ MSFII [LF] clyw, one drops, vnyyc,YYRs,etc

near mint Black & red Kyo DNS, 1 scratch on the red half 1 or 2 really tinnny pinpricks all blemishes are hard to notice and cant be felt, has a slight vibe but plays well still

99% mint YYF Genesis Red/Black marble [SB] one tiny mark (doesnt go thru anno, like 1mm, I had a hart time spotting too) slight vibe only felt pinching string close to yoyo
looking for  $63

yoyojam MSF II
one ding on the metal rim, has the original ceramic bearing,  has a vibe (pretty standard for early YYJs)

collector’s item so pls OFFER~~~

pics are here : http://img141.imageshack.us/g/20110129145844.jpg/

genesis pics :http://img717.imageshack.us/g/20110131164042.jpg/

free shipping to US and CANADA + $5 for anywhere else (for cash purchases only)

I’m active on the YYN bst section, under the same name
one drops (except p1,p2,dingo)
Northstar, Proto, Starlite
stacked genesis
or offer me ANYTHING else not listed!!, I might want it
I can trade MULTIPLE yoyos for your one if the offer is right

would you want a blue acid wash yuuksta never been used for the Genesis ???

HEY ive never traded before but i will give you a dark magic for a genesis :-\ :-\ :-\