YYF G5, OD Downbeat, OD Benchmark H '13

Pictures: http://imgur.com/a/qJb6I

All prices include shipping and bonus kitty fats.  Don’t be afraid to make an offer.

  • One Drop Benchmark H '13 - Sepia Chrome - $65 Used, with box.  Small damage on rim (in photo).  Flowable response.  Don’t really want to sell it, but feel like I should, so the price is a little high, I know, sorry

  • One Drop Downbeat - Hairband - $70 mint in box.  Great throw, one of my favorites, but my Markmont is similar, and I like it a bit more.

  • YoYoFactory G5 - Stealth - $50 Mint, unthrown in box.  No laser engraving on it (unless it’s under the Z stacks)  Got it in a mystery box.  I’m keeping the other throw, after shipping this comes out to half the cost of the box.  This only comes with Z stacks, no hub stacks, unlike the Icon collection.  Just a heads up.

Will trade the G5 for a mint in box Glow Northstar/Protostar, or any bright Horizon/Shutter.  Other trades I’m looking for: cascade, summit, yelets, dang, gradient.