Trading my G5, copycat, project, and silk.

Step right up kiddies! Uncle Adam has some sweet throws for trade OR SALE (finally right?) so let’s get to it.

First up is a lovely first run silver G5. It has a handful or very small marks, it is very smooth, and no vibe. One of my favorite throws, but I think someone might like this more. I’m using Jayyo’s condtion scale, so it’s about a 4.6. I’ll let this go for 75 shipped.

Next up, is an amazing BBYY Copycat. It plays incredible, it’s my favorite yoyo, and has only a couple flat spots. I love this thing to death. Offer for this one.

Third, we have a OneDrop Project. There are nicks all over the rims, but it still plays smoothly. And the reason for the nicks is because it was formerly owned by Juan Renteria, who does drop his yoyos while doing 5A from time to time. Nevertheless, he’s awesome. I kinda want to trade this one.

Finally, we have a sweet Alchemy Silk. Quite an awesome throw. Pretty smooth, and has only two scuffs. It’s half purple, half orange. Offer.