G5 and Yuuksta, DIRT CHEAP!

Alright, selling my beloved Yuuksta :frowning: Anywho, it does have a slight wobble. Not very noticeable with a grooved bearing for some reason though. 3 very small scratches and two scuffs, don’t effect play. The wobble has been there. I love this throw, and I would reccomend a KK in it (just saying). Fantastic little yoyo. 35 shipped, 40 shipped with grooved bearing

YYF G5- This is not the 2010 G5. It is half 555 and half starburst shown in the pictures. It has a decent bearing and has 1 red pro pads (I think) and a regular pad and make it a tad responsive for the first few seconds of spin. No hubstacks because I lost the o-ring on one side, and they fall of easily. Very smooth. Maybe two marks (worst pictured) and I really like it. Lets say 60 shipped

SB Hectic- NO AXLE!!! Received this as a deal sweetener. Very beat also. Still super smooth though. Has black silicone in it. The yoyo itself is also black and is some kind of SE. Clean bearing. 10 shipped

YYF Velocity- Red. 3 scuffs, 1 large scratch. DEAL SWEETENER ONLY

Next, I have two FH2010’s. One is red, and one is green. Green has 3 scuffs, very small. Red is mint. One for 11, pair for 20.

I also have a PS2. It is mint and is the mini version. Good system just kind of outdated. $80 + shipping

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Hey sent you a PM… But anyways Protostar? Still available??

Lowered prices, updated wants

Still have the DV888

ill buy Genesis, yyf 44, dv888, boss, two bearings, 15 fluro green string and 15 fluro orange string, skull counter weight and the aluminium case. also the g5 hubstack if you have both including the bearing and rubber rings with it.
please pm me a resonable price including shippment.

Dude thats about $270 worth of stuff already.

if you still have the DV888, ill buy it off of you.

ill buy case for $20 shipped

want my MVP??

ill trade my prodostar with a new SPEC bearing for your DV888 if you still have it. its blue and only has like 3 scuffs. PM me

u there? ???

plz reply


New stuff added

i’ll trade a yoyo or sumpthin for g5 if its available

For the BOSS I have a Yuuksta with like only one small scratch that you cannot feel, but if you throw it hard, and it is lopsided, it snags. That only happens when you try to grind, but play is great, if you aren’t a big grinder. It might only need new pads or cleaned bearing. (Man I’ve been posting the same comment for a while!)

Bump, and no thanks guys

This kid deserves a BUMP!

This kid is getting a bump

EDIT: My bad, dude. Didn’t see that :stuck_out_tongue: