Prices lowered - come on in and have a look

What’s up - further downsizing and paying off a new run of yo-yos I ordered for Motion, brining out some big ones. Here is the deal 50.00 and under add 6.35 for shipping, if it’s over 50.00 shipping is on me. Like more than one, hit me with an offer for more than one - those who have dealt with me know I am very generous most of the time. PayPal friends and family is appreciated, I feel like my reputation speaks for itself in the people I have dealt with, but if you aren’t comfortable G&S is acceptable I won’t argue - just cover the fees.

Old YYF has vibe - it’s just the nature of old yo-yos - I have tried to describe everything the best I can, if you want additional photos let me know.

Thanks for looking!

First up - 07 Small Bearing 888 - Stealth - marked B grade due to hardcoat, it does have some vibe. 275.00 obo

Yoyofactory Aqua 444 - NMTBS - 23.00

888 mmxx - stainless steel - 86.00

Titanium 888 - NMtBS - 212.00 obo


Pragma V1 (lighter) - 42.00

888 X version 2 from 2011 (a bit heavier than the earlier 888 x run) - 55.00 obo

Duncan orbital - undersized - original run - 65.00 obo

Duncan OG Haymaker - 32.00 obo

Clyw Kayak - some marks all around - 25.00


Ay I messaged you on fb

Too much heat gotta call the fire dept, hoping people buy before I have money haha :joy: save me from myself


Give in and help a brother out lol


Oh wow wow wow :heart_eyes:

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@Bigjeezus skyline and dna


That’s not a first run Skyline, they had open hubstack posts

I was given bad info then - I will update the post

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It doesn’t look like the latest release, but likely from around 2018, rather than 2008ish

I think it’s definitely an older 7075 Skyline. I have a 2010 Skyline splash that looks identical physically (shiny finish) and the newer ones have a different engraving.

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Bumping this up

I don’t remember YYF using the closed posts as early as 2010

Bump - happy to entertain offers on any of the listed yo-yos prices lowered

would u wanna sell it? >.>

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Bump again make offers

Final price drop

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