FS: yyf, yyj, ilyy, bolts - Reduced Prices


i’m mainly interested in selling all of these. prices are not set in stone. shipping is $3 for first class, $5 for priority. inquire about international rates

i am taking paypal only. because paypal insures all transactions i will require payment before sending yoyos. this is how it’s done through stores and ebay and i see no reason to put myself at unnecessary risk of loss

trades: i will take nvx, goryilla, cut(colored only)

ilyy josey ann - $75a few dings, still silky smooth

yyf dna(x2) - $75each i used these for 3a for a little while. the scuffs are from the yoyos rubbing together. there is no damage to the metal at all and they are both perfectly smooth

yyf skyline - $55 someone stripped the rims. small dings around the rims. super smooth. no stacks

yyf lunatics(x2) - $50 each. another old 3a set. scuffs are from yoyos spinning on eachother. no damage to the metal. perfectly smooth

yyj new breed - $25 no caps. perfect condition

yyf g5 - $60. 2010 release. has a slight vibe, it’s noticeable but still plays wonderfully. comes with green hubstacks

yyj night moves 4 - $45 has very minor scuffs. siliconed. super smooth on the string. no caps

yyf speed dial - $30. 3rd generation. comes with rubber shuttles. perfect condition

yyj atmosphere - $25($35 with kk) perfect condition. very slight vibe that is common to yyjs. no caps

yyj k-os $20 great condition. tez o ring. no caps

yyf severe - $65 red. clear caps. 2 dings, minuscule vibe. plays perfect

yyf grind machine v1 - $15 great condition, plays smooth. no stacks

yyf velocity v3(x2) - $15 each great condition. comes with silicone pad shuttles

duncan hyabusa - $17 great condition, a few offstring scuffs but no big scratches or dings

bolts - $20 each. minor scuffs. both are super smooth




Skyline plz idk how Buying will work. I dont have paypal.

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there is a pm button on the bottom of the name


are you saying 80 for both DNA’s??!!

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wow… it says 80 each, just read.,…


is there something wrong with the axl to cauls vibe in g-5


so no trades beacause i would trade 2 yoyos for the k os


Do you still own the Bolts. If so, I am interested.


what does bump maen


I like making a blank post, that bumps you topic to the top of the list.


i still dont understand

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everytime you make a post the thread goes to the top. BUMP stands for bring up my post.


I get it now.

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