yyf frantic review

YYf frantic is a light weight yoyo which is for yoyofactory and Mickey lovers. Due to the lightweight and long spin, You could manouver your yoyo in horizontal yoyo play easily. It would not go vertical. The shape is a VERY sharp V-shape to get to the coolest horizontal yoyo play. The bearing is a medium sized one, ideal for 1a to 5a tricks. For braintwister combos, you could do it as quick as mickey because of the lightweight design.

but it in yyf

Man some more info. Specs? Looks? Feel? Etc? Not trying to be rude man, just saying. You said that it’s for yyf and Mickey lovers, I don’t think that that’s a very good thing to say.

It feels small(if you are not a baby) in your hand and its really smooth. The pattern in the middle of it has a lot of’ frantic’ engraved on it. When you play in a contest people would think that it is a stardust or something made by 44:recreation.