YYF Elec-Trick upgrade

Is there any benefit replacing the tip of the YYF Elec-Trick top with a metal tip?

Correct me if I’m wrong but I think the Elec-trik tip is not fixed in the top with a nut(like other bearing tips), so I think it would be impossible to use a metal one.

Actually the replacement kit includes the screw and the tip (you use the current bearing or buy a new one), But I’m wondering if there is an advantage to having a metal tip versus a plastic one (besides durability). I’m not really spinning this top on the floor.

On a bearing tip it doesnt really matter the material if you are not spinning it on the floor

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I didn’t notice much difference in play, the plastic tips are soft though, so it would be a longer lasting tip.
It looks cool, does that count?

I personally prefer a far lot the metal tip but I can’t really explain it. It is aluminum tho meaning that it is too soft to play in anything else than your hand

I haven’t tried the metal tips yet, do they pop out as easy as the plastic ones?

You know, I haven’t tried yet. I have another Short Circuit and Elec-Trick coming and I want to switch the tips so the SC has a bearing tip. I’ll let you know how it goes. Have you had problems with the tips popping out prematurely?