Hey guys, I just got a brand new DV888 from yyf. I was hoping to get this one for a while so I decided to write a review on it.

Feel: Its made of metal so its very smooth feeling and fits very well in my hand (I’m only 12 but I think it would still fit well with older ages), and it is very smooth while sleeping.

Look: Its looks very nice from all angles, It has very smooth-looking shell with the words, DV888 and yoyofactory on the rim, and the all the colors go very well with the design( I personally liked the red but all of them looked great).

Sound: It has the sound that most metal yoyos have(kind of a light “ssssss” sound) which doesn’t bother most people at all.

Sleep: A very nice sleep which allows you to do lots of combos and different string tricks, plus it is very smooth(it almost feels like nothing is there).

Binding: The first two minutes out of the box it will still need to break in(like most yoyos), but after that it binds great :slight_smile:

Overall play: It is a great metal yoyo and I recommend it for your first all-metal yoyo(it’s my first) and is great for all string tricks and is very smooth.

If you want to get the specs on it go to Shop>YoYoFactory>YYF DV888 2011.