YYF Die-Nasty & Plastic Grind Machine

(yO!JaYxDsJ) #1

Hey guys ive been having problems with my die nasty and grind machine with the friction stickers. It’s weird im just yoyoing then all of a sudden the friction sticker just comes off. Does this happens to anybody elses yoyo or is it just mine. Any suggestions on how to fix it?

(JackG) #2

im guessing you mean silicone stickers or k pads


How does that help him?

Yes. They’ll wear out eventually. Get new ones. http://shop.yoyoexpert.com/product/64/YYF-Response


Or buy flowable silicone, and silicone it yourself :wink:


YES!!! that happened to me. i got some actual friction sticker things at yoyo guy.com. i’m not going to get a link because yye has k-pads that are similar but if you want to try them out then i could PM it to you. and their coustomer service sucks, I have had bad experiences the one time i buy from them.