YYF chaotic/bearing responsive help

I have a YYF soec C in my chaotic and it started getting really responsive. when i spin the bearing it feels scratchy and like it grinding on something, i deshielded it and i dont know what to do next. HALP!

First get some 100% pure acetone and a air tight container, second desheild and put bearing in acetone and wait 1 hour, finally get caned air and blow it till it dry, last get a pin and thin lube put lube on the pin then let the lube on the pin touch one/two of the balls on the bearing or run it dry. If any of this confuses you I’m sorry becaise I’m typeing from my ipod

No need to soak it that long. Usually 10 minutes or so is sufficient, then shake the container. Blow it out w/the compressed air as noted.

If he just got it, I doubt it need to be cleaned. It probably just needs a small drop of thin lube and some break in time.

If it doesn’t, and needs to be cleaned, here is my method.

I don’t have Acetone so I just use Gum Spirits.

I just got an ordinary jar, nothing fancy.

Get a Toothpick some gloves or something to grab the bearings out with.

Get your bearing and also a few paper towels and a pen.

Drop them in the jar, fill it up a little with your cleaner. Usually just a little above the bearing.

Then I just shake it to the left and right and just give it a good rattle for a few minutes.

Then I let it sit for about 3 mins. Since the shaking got most of the dirty stuff out, letting it sit to long will just get the bad stuff back in.

Then get the bearing out and set it on a towel.

Go pour the cleaner in the sink, toilet, or in the woods.

Put the bearing on the pen, spin the bearing a little then dry it on the paper towel.

That’s how you clean.

Now to lube it: Put the bearing, when dried completely back in the yoyo. Take your lube (thin), and ad a small drop. Spin it, and start to break it in.

It is going to be responsive for a little while. I recommend doing the trick Gyroscopic Flop to speed up the process.

That’s about it ;).

Thanks i didnt have any acetone either so i just sprayed it down with some carb cleaner and it did the trick , funny thing is right after that i was playing with my proton and the bearing locked up 100%… but i fixed it still very aggravating…
But as far as lube goes is that terrapin dry lube anygood?

It’s very good. There’s a trick to applying it, and unless you want to “reset” each time you mess up (and you will probably mess up a bit) you will need acetone.

I don’t use DryPlay that often because it imparts a distinctive “hiss” to the bearing that I’m sure is wonderful for some people but which I can’t listen to for long. I know Studio42 uses DryPlay on almost every steel bearing.