YYF California v2 (2010) Review | YoYoSkills.com

I loved the first California. I have a special affection for full sized throws and the first edition of the YoYoFactory California took the body of the 401k, reworked the bearing response setup, added hub stacks, and labeled it the California. I loved it. Full size and full of personality. I nearly wept when YoYoFactory announced that they were discontinuing it. The DNA was a good full sized replacement, but I always felt that the California got the short end of the production stick. About a week before the California State Yo-Yo Championship, Ben at YoYoFactory dropped me an instant message. “The NEW California will debut at Cal States.” I was pretty much ecstatic. So much had already suddenly got right when it came to setting up Cal States, and this was just a cherry on top. When the pictures were leaked and I saw that little California license plate with a March sticker, I was stoked. I had to have one. YoYoFactory was kind enough to send one to me.

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