YoYoFactory CALIFORNIA - 4th of July Release!

YoYoFactory’s latest release is a summer fun yo-yo for 2019. With the success of CONFUSION last summer they brought back another redesigned favorite from their classic lineup - The California!

The California is a high wall design with a comfortable rounded profile and flat cups to showcase their fun throwback artwork. It has a laid back feel on the string that just begs for regens and smooth flowy play. Available at a low retail price to leave you just enough money for an Ice Cream to beat the summer heat!

Releasing July 4th @ 10AM EDT.


So very nice.

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I also forgot to mention - The USA Edition California comes with a FREE matching USA Edition OneStar!

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Patriotism baby :muscle:

Looks nice, I really like the engraving too. It reminds me of the old computer game Out Run

I don’t see any relation to the original California.
Why not give it a new name?

Seems very similar in shape and specs.Not exact but close. A little smaller but almost the same width. And the profile is still high walled organic, it just has a cut that makes it a little more angular.

A 2020 Civic isn’t going to look exactly the same as a 2019, but it’s going to be close and fill the same role in their line up.

This the third one actually. (Though the second one is called California 2010)

like an eclipse mixed with a genx

Had one for a week or so now. Lots of fun and definitely fits that chill, low key vibe that’s perfect for summer. So cheap too!


Just noticed that YYE got some of the cool green/red 2019 holiday editions of this throw in!

Introducing the CALIFORNIA Happy Holidays – a special yoyo for the winter holidays. With the success of CONFUSION last summer, we brought back another retro classic in the CALIFORNIA. The soft smooth body encourages you to put your hands on it. The range of art designs makes you keep your eyes on it and the low enough price that leaves you just enough money for a hot chocolate!

Happy Chanukah
Merry Christmas
Happy Kwanza
Happy Winter Solstice

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