YYF and Strummol8

I received my YYF tops and Strummol8 2.5 on Friday (Thanks vegabomb!). I absolutely adore the YYF tops! They are an absolute pleasure to throw and catch and I’ve been able to accomplish a couple of my first tricks with them (merry go round and crazy 8s). The Strommol8 is gorgeous. A bit heavier than the tops I’ve been using. The bearing is almost supernaturally smooth. I want to get a bit more advanced with the others before I take on the Strommol8, the surface doesn’t look to take well to falls with out getting eaten up and dented.

One of the interesting thing I’ve discovered is how I have to adjust my grip when throwing them for the boomerang. The lighter tops like YYF I have to angle the tips more towards the fingertips to get them upright and throw them at about waist level. They will come back perfectly (the Short Circuit more so than the Elec-Trick). Heavier tops I have to throw low and slow and give a harder faster pull to bring them back. The shape seems to matter as well. I’m quickly learning about correct string lengths. I also bought the YYF LED top (what fun!) and the conversion kit, but I haven’t figured out how to remove the YYF tips yet to replace them with the metal ones.

I can’t wait for the Watt top! I’ll get it in one week. :smile:


Yea it takes some trial and error to see what works as far as position for each top.

If you are talking about putting the metal tips in a short circuit, don’t. The extra weight confuses the top badly and it performs very poorly. I think the same goes for the Electrick but I can’t remember for sure.


Thanks for the tip, I’ll skip it then!


The Delrin on S8 tops looks like frosted glass but it is the toughest top you will ever own. Don’t keep it in the box! It is made to be used and abused.


I’ve beaten one Giulia. Still performs like new: dead smooth and the tip is not damaged at all


Yep I agree!!

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