YYF Aluminium Dream, OD Vanguard and OD Gauntlet


Hey all,

Does anyone have an Aluminium Dream in purple or aqua? Vanguard in blue or silver/white? And Gauntlet in gray?

Would you please kindly share a picture?? :grin:

I would love to see em before I check out. Cheers!!


Not to sound rude, but you realize that the pictures on the website here when you go to order a yoyo is what the yoyo actually looks like.



But I kinda want to see more of a real life picture from someone who owns one if you know what I mean :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I see. I have a blue vanguard. but a red and gold al dream. no gauntlet…

would you like a picture?


Sure! That’d be great :slight_smile:


There is my one drop blue and YYF al dream red and gold. Also threw in my splash vanguard and one drop benchmark.


Two Vanguards? Wow!! They look nice.

Did you swap up the Aluminium Dream?


no I did not. That was courtesy of yoyodoc who gave me the AL Dream ( Iron man theme) along with a Daydream and TI Dream which he made it very unique. I am forever grateful to him. Forever. I have two other vanguards. Ill post a pic for you. But just know these a very unique ones.


Lucky you!!


Here are the other two vanguards that I own.


Love the green and blue :+1:t3:


I am very lucky, I know. and extremely grateful