YYE is also STE (Spin Top Expert)

And all around cool guy. André was kind enough to show me some really cool spin top arm grinds at MOYO13, when this happened! We had been dropping tops all day without any casualties, but this top bit the dust when it hit. André insisted on replacing the STB2.0 on the spot, and I thought that was way above and beyond the call of duty.

Its also kendama expert too :slight_smile:

kendamas don’t explode when you drop them though.
not nearly as fun.

Woah! Surprised to see an STB crack from that sort of impact. I broke a Giulia, but it from accidentally throwing it directly into a concrete wall - totally my fault. Not surprised at all, though, at André’s reaction. He’s as stand up as it gets.

The music in that edit! LOL’d!

More action from the Spin Top/Yo-yo Experts: