YYE Demo Program

I think YYE should have a demo program where you can pay a low price, like $10 or so, and you get the yoyo you payed for and you get to keep it for one week. If you don’t return it in a week, then YYE will charge the same credit card that payed $10 and it will charge it for the full price. This way, you can test any Yoyo for a low price, YYE won’t take a chance on losing money and customers can test any Yoyo without the risk of buying a Yoyo and disliking the way it plays.

Whaddya think?

Won’t work. Too much risk involved in damaging the yoyos and accountability on the buyers side. I’ve thought pretty hard about this and we’ve had multiple threads. Never been able to find a way around this.


I agree, not workable.
(personal opinion)

I got the liability part covered. (I’m going to use the YYF Shutter as the example yoyo) The Shutter costs a maximum of $25.00 for YYE to buy. YYE can set aside one Shutter as their “Demo Yoyo”. When someone orders the Demo Shutter, they pay $10, play with it and then ship it back. Since it costs YYE $25 dollars to buy a shutter, only three people and YYE is making profit. YYE can send disclaimer out that the Demo Yoyo will almost definitely have heavy scuffing. I personally have a yoyo that has crazy bad scuffing but the performance hasn’t been changed. Once the shutter has scuffing that DOES effect performance, then they just replace it but by then, they will have thoroughly paid off the first shutter.

Now, whaddya think?

That’s starting to sound more reasonable… until you get those really expensive yoyos that may take 10 people for YYE to make a profit.

No, too much hassle for the vendor.

The price to “demo” a more expencive yoyo would have to be higher. make the price say, %10 of the retail of the yoyo.

I think it could really work. The price would increase with the yoyos retail value ((10-15%) of retail. I would personally spend $13 dollars to test an X3 The Seed or $20 for a sOMETHING ANGLAM CC.

or maybe they could check the yoyo after each person sends it back to check for damage. every mark costs $10 or something

This. ^

It’s a plan that would potentially lose YYE money at the expense of a whole lot of logistics and hassle. There is literally 0 motivation for them to do it, as novel of an idea as it might be.

If you really want to try out lots of different yoyos, get yourself to a meet or contest. People are usually happy to let you try out a yoyo if you ask politely. :slight_smile:

Yea I like the idea but YYE would have to put in a lot of work to make it happen and there is some risk involved.

As much as I would like a try before I buy program I can not see any way to make it work with a mail order business. The customer would have to pay the shipping and that would make a $10 demo actually $16. And what happens if you order a $100 yoyo and damage it? Plus add in the time involved for shipping and the work involved in packaging, product checking and stocking.
So. as much as I would like such a program it will not work well for either the buyer or the seller.

it would feel lik going to the library when you were in school, go to check out a book and it not be there…be some huge waiting list to try a chief XD and then th 30th person probably wouldnt like it cuz it was beat to hell and back. it could work maybe with highly stocked items. but for mst of our high end compaies, they dont flood the market with their throws, so it would be next to impossible (IMO) for it to work out.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but the “mail order demo program” is not something that we will be adopting any time in the near future. It would take a ton of extra time/effort and we already have a relatively lenient return policy so if you buy a yo-yo that you absolutely hate then you can contact us and we will most likely be able to arrange a return or swap.

And if you really feel the need to try out a new yo-yo just check out our booth at any contest we sponsor (most of the ones in the US) or stop by the office (If you happen to be around Western Mass.) We will gladly let you try any yo-yo we have available!

If that isn’t enough then you can check for any local yo-yo club in your area. Someone will likely have the yo-yo you are looking for and most yo-yo players are friendly enough to let you try any of their yo-yos as long as you are careful.


Yup yoyo meets are the best place to try yoyo’s everyone is alway’s very nice about it. I’ve never met a not nice yoyoer.

Too many headaches. Buy and then BST if its not what you want. That will be close to the 10-15% that’s being talked about.

It doesn’t work because: 1) The yoyo will get damaged, 2) YYE has no incentive to do it, 3) It’s a lot of work, and 3) There’s not much reason for you to waste $10 just to play with a yoyo a bit.