YYC Spectrum Review

YYC Spectrum

Diameter:56.5 mm
Gap:4 mm
Grams:65 grams
Response:Flow Grooves
Bearing:B.O.S.S. Wrath

Pros: It fits nicely in the hands and it has a good distribution of weight around the double rims ( I think thats the right term) It spins for a godly amount of time on a good throw the longest I’ve gotten was 5 minutes but I’m not too good at controlling spin time so I assume it’s going to be longer in proper hands. The gap makes it easier to catch tricks and it’s overall really fun to use. It feels heavier than it actual is maybe because of how the weight is distributed.

Con: I had to break in the bearing for a while after a 100 throws or so it got super responsive and smacked me a few times. Personally I don’t like how small the width is compared to my torque and chief but it makes up for it with a wider gap I guess. Mine came with a little pin prick from the can that it was packed in with.

It was my actual first yoyo purchase up until now I traded up to all the things I have the best being a CLYW Chief. Maybe because of my inexperience I have not much to compare to but it’s a great throw. It’s great for finger spinning and has a nice and smooth finish. I personally love all the color ways that it has and mine is green :O…Pictures later maybe

I got it for a whopping $55 during black friday with it’s OG price being $99 but depending on shipping you might spend more, still it’s a great throw and I love using it.

Pictures might not do it justice and enjoy my lizard <3

Actually, you pretty much gave a better view of your lizard; than the Yoyo.


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My cameras aren’t working I’m sorry :’[ Tis the only pictures I had

Actually, I liked the lizard pic. That little thing looks pretty darn smart.

Just think; lizards go back about 20 million years or more. That right there says something.

PS; I have a Spectrum. It’s a pretty nice Yoyo.

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