Yuuksta hectic or california?

What’s best?

Nothing is the best just different.also what are your preferences(size shape,shape,weight etc.)?

I have a hectic and yuuksta. I prefer my yuuksta to the hectic and the california is also a great throw but I hear it has a bad vibe

Get what fits your preferences and what you want

Finally i personally recommend the yuuksta over the hectic and california

I agree, But it all comes down to your preferances.

He probably doesn’t have any though.

Yeah I am not very good. But I like my protostar sizewise. And I do quite like the response system on it.

Out of those 3 I would take the yuuksta but I actually prefer a small bearing lunatic or dv888.

My vote goes to the Yuuksta, because it’s the widest, at 39mm.
It’s my assumption that wider yoyos are easier to land on the string.
Which do you think would feel the best in your hand?

I would go for Yuuksta here.
Main reason is because they will all give you the performance but the Yuuksta is seriously fine looking. Seriously.

Acid wash colors for the win!