Yuuki Slack

I am having trouble learning Yuuki Slack. I am not saying that the YYE tut is bad, I would just like a slow motion tutorial.

I get to the Double or Nothing, do the first slack part but when I roll out and onto the normal Double or Nothing again, I am twisted up and stuff. Please help.

Would somebody please post another tutorial here with slow motion views? Thanks in advance.

I think this might help

I had the same problem. What helped me the most was the one that was just posted and the highspeedyoyo.com video of it. Those are the best slo mos. just keep practicing. Once you get it it will click and then it will be easy from then on out. It is one of the most impressive tricks out there.

Thanks you two. But, I kind of figured the trick out on my own after a day or two. I was just doing to many spins on one side which is what resulted in the twist. :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: