Yuuki Slack

So I’m trying to learn Yuuki Slack but I’m confused. Ive watched 4+ different tutorials and they all have told me different things. One says keep the pinch made from the slack double or nothing. One said to throw it out of double or nothing, around your middle finger. And the last one to said to pop it out and use your index finger again. I was wondering what was the best way to do it. Cause i can’t settle on one nor the other. Thanks

It doesn’t really matter. Some people pop it off the double or nothing and use their pointer finger, others use their middle. I don’t think you should pinch directly from a double or nothing though. Just remember, in Yuuki Slack, the double or nothing is a double or nothing with the first string around your wrist.

When I do it I never let go of the initial pinch. EVER.

I release the pinch after every other slack, to maintain control.

Would this be considered necro?