YoYoStringLab T-Shirt winner - WaterFiredude

We are excited to announce a new team member this weekend.  So in anticipation and just for the fun of it, here’s a little contest where I will be giving away the winner’s choice of a YoYoStringLab T-Shirt from our website.

The contest is done - WaterFiredude won.

Here is how to enter:

  • Post a guess of who our new team member might be. Only one guess per post.
  • Your guess doesn’t have to be correct to win, but if it is, then you will have the option to get a hoodie instead.
  • You can post a guess more than once, but no more than 2 posts per page including non-guess posts; otherwise, your posts on that page won’t count.
  • The cutoff for entries is Saturday, Dec. 21, 2013, at noon Pacific Standard Time.

A reply post will be randomly selected.  If that post contains an eligible guess, then we have a winner.  If not, the process will be repeated until we have a winner.
The winner will get to select any one of the YoYoStringLab T-shirts (or hoodie if applicable) from my website.
The winning T-shirt (or hoodie if applicable) will be mailed to any U.S. address or International address from this list.
These guidelines may be changed as needed.

I’d like to say Palli. Simply because I gave him a pack of Type X this year in an attempt to convert him and it’d be awesome if it had. :stuck_out_tongue:

I may be wrong but I think he’s die hard Fat Kitty lover.

This kid.

Hmm… I got nothing, Daniel dietz?

Sebby Brock

hmmm…lets go with Anthony Rojas. I have literally no clue…a hint would be nice :slight_smile:

Alexi J.V.

Jesse Christe? No idea if he’s already on a string sponsorship.


Yoyo doc?


Andrew Maider

Zach Gormley

Gentry Stein

Oh I know. It’s Keiran.

Ann Connolly she already has her own string colors from the company but she is not on the team yet it would make sense if she got on the team after that.

I’m going to say Ann Connolly

I totally agree with the guy and gal above me.

Ann Connolly

Gentry Stein