Yoyospirit's Powder Coats and Mods Thread

First up, rim repair and polish on a One Drop Sovereign, man, titaniums are tough to polish haha.

Polished YYR Laser

Sili-recessed Duncan Vendetta, actually plays well now!

Cold Fusion GT with the hub from a YYF DNA

Polished Dert

Born Crucial SPR’d Freehand Zeros

Rim chopped YYJ Diamond Back

Small Bearing Anti Yo YWET

White CLYW Puffin

Matte Purple Independent

Translucent Blue Anti Yo YWET

Translucent Purple Duncan Freehand MG

Levi inspired CLYWxOneDrop Summit

Schmooved and powder coated Yoyojam Trinity

Powder coated DBYY EKG

Powder coated YYF MVP

Powder coated YYF Too Hot


Beautiful work! I loved looking through this thread!

we had the same idea, I opted for the teflon but I still find that the yoyo with such a smooth axis (and those in aluminum or brass I think are the same if not worse) loses in game quality, it has a not always predictable return, precise and effective … the wooden axes wear the strings, this is true, but they are the only ones that allow perfect playability

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image image image image image image


I’ve fixed up all the images in this topic, they are awesome!

you can see where someone got his avatar from :heart_eyes:


I may need to get a moose poweder coated white


I hadn’t seen this thread until just now, and I must say it’s my favorite one thus far

I saw the polishing TEK earlier tonight and thought it was super cool, I’ll definitely be giving it a shot soon.

But then I stumbled upon this thread and drooled over these beauties even more than I normally do while browsing throws.

I kept thinking okay this has to be the last one. Nope. Okay THIS one is my favorite, for sure. Nope.

Great work dude, youve got these applications dialed in perfectly. Now I gotta polish one of my less favorite throws. Hoping I can get the hang well enough after screwing up only one or two that I’ll be comfortablr polishing one of my favorites.

Once again, lovely work. Take pride in this skill, it’s great


Oh man, a screw with a wire hook wrapped around it. Exactly how I used to set mine up.

That brings back memories of multicolored booger’s. Good stuff.


Haha, did you not wear a dusk mask?

No, I absolutely did. But between having a beard and powder being powder, wasn’t able to block it all.

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Just wondering… is this Ywet of your works. Picked it up on the FB BST from a guy saying it was one of the recess ones but recess said it’s not from them.


Yea it is haha, it’s not the recess color way, I just had some extra halves left


Sweet I’ve trying to get some more info on it. Definitely my most beautiful throw. I honestly prefer this one over the recess powdercoat!

Heck yeah! Disskings!


Looking through this Was Awesome, the Work was Amazing!

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