Yoyospirit's Powder Coats and Mods Thread

So I decided to start a new thread, since for some reason, the pictures on the old thread all stopped appearing. That thread was pretty cluttered anyway.

Powder coated Eternal Throws Hope

Powder Coated DNA

Powder Coated H5xChief

Polished Irony JP

Powder Coated Wooly Markmont

Polished Chief

Powder Coated E=MC2

Powder Coated Laser

Polished Summit

More to come!


How long do you actually spend on the polished ones? And what grit do you go down to? (I go down to 2,000)

Often like, 15 mins a half.

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^those throws are absolutly amazing

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Awesome stuff all around, Wesley. You should post some pics of your rethreads here too.

Your work is just fantastic. You’ve got that polishing down to a fine art, they look incredible. :o

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Thanks! That’s a bit difficult to catch a picture of though lol

For a moment I thought this was the “flat ano” thread.

That’s the best!

Those all look great. Have you ever done a mask where only part of it is mirror-polished? e.g. the look of the Werrd 86400? Or would that be a completely different technique? I assume the 86400 is just machined but a polished ring in the cup of a Valor or Irony JP would be sweet.

Powder coated Peak in textured black. Grinds for days!!

Canvas with a ‘deer’ masked in the hub.

Some Large Bearing SPR mods

And some aluminum (7075) and brass axles for my No Jive! No more snapping strings!


Hot damn, brass/steel No Jive axles? Where do I sign up?

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PM me :slight_smile:

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Here’s some older stuff I never got around to posting.

Flat Ano Purple Peak with a Mountain-Picture taken by my buddy Darkscism, or Evan Slack :slight_smile:

Pink Bapezilla.2

White Superstar

Pink Supernova with Blue Fade

Pink Code 2


Dif-E-Yo Internal Turmoil Green powder with Blue fade

Summit in Glosswhite with Blue Fade


The purple Peak two posts up is wicked!


Love that blue and white summit. What’s the charge of something of that combo?

Wanted to post this because he did awesome work.

I approached him to help put in a new axle for this Trvth because it was defective. He took the job, and made it play better than it ever has, and possibly better than one with the stock axle.

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Wow has it been a while! Forgot to keep this thread updated!

Gold Chief

Translucent Blue Puffin

Translucent Blue Maxbet

Textured Black Avalanche

Translucent Red Chief

Neon Green Avalanche

Blizzard White Avalanche

Translucent Purple Peak