Yoyospirit's Mods Updated with Classic Cap Mod

I’m surprised Iyoyo58 hasn’t jumped on this yet. He is the one who came up with the idea right?

I want my classic to be able to do that!

Just wanted to show a finished product that went through a yoyo spirit polish and then an england1414 anodization. The relfection from the polish is amazing. Thank you yoyospirit for the killer work!!

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That looks brilliant.

I want to do that!

Any updates on how to do this??? ???

Put it on a drill and use a Jewlers screwdriver to dig it out.

Please make a tutorial vid! :frowning: I would greatly appreciate it. :slight_smile:

I may write a tutorial on it when I have time.

I’m here :slight_smile: I know how much you missed me.

Could sanding the face of a classic result in a vibe? If u don’t san evenl could that produce a tilt?

Not really…

Maybe ill make a tutorial, going to try it…

Yes it could cause a vibe, if you were to sand the caps and there was a drastic difference it most likely cause a vibe. Maybe I’m wrong though.

I still think the Classic mod iyoyo58 got from mrcnja(?) is amazing.

Also no need to Necro.