Duncan Wheels mod

I did my first real mod on my brother’s Duncan wheels (i splattered my DM before).
First i took out the hubcaps and removed the axle. I thought i could get the axle down to size for a bearing, after 10 long minuites, and a power drill, i realized that i can’t. Si i completely trashed the idea. I then realized that i have a Hot Shot that i naver use(the axle pops out very easily). So i dismantled my hot shot, and being the nice brother that i am, put it on the duncan. Almost perfect fit. I then hot glued the axle to the sides, and attemped to beef stack two bearings. That didnt work. So i just sanded down the starburst alittle, and wala. The Duncan was half Duncan and half Yomega, it was a Yocan. It now plays much better, around the level of a stock spinstar. I cant wait to bo something to my DNA(i probally am not).

you would want to put in a metal tap in cause if i am not wrong i think there will be alot of vibe. as well when you get the tap in you might be able to silli reccess.

If any one remembers the yoyo gameshow atall, I did a mod for them when they did a prize drive.

It was pretty similar to this but instead of gluing in nuts and bolts, I heated them up and pressed them into the inside of the wheel caps as centre as I could. The result was a relitively smooth yoyo, at an untuned duncan sort of “fuzz” or soul.

Welldone mate, keep up the work! Be sure to always ask for help if you are unsure if you should do something.

Why would you want to put one of these in your yoyo?


Or even one of these?


haha lol

no not that sorry i forgot whats it called its like nut but circular and is threaded on the out side