Yoyospirit's BST! Take a gander!!!


Anti-Yo Bapezilla.2-Powder coated pink with schmoove rings, there is some damage under the powder coating but the yoyo is still dead smooth. Just offer, since I don’t know what it’s really worth. $100 shipped or will trade.

Also have a 7075 Quake for sale. Has 2 pinpricks and a scratch, and is dead smooth, half purple and half blue. Mainly looking to trade this one. Looking for good offers on this one. Looking for a Cascade for this one plus some other stuff.

YYF Aviator- Retapped threads. No actual cosmetic damage that I can see. Has a tiny vibe on grinds, not noticeable on the string. $45 shipped. PENDING

One Drop Format:C- Polished. Has I think like, one tiny flat spot that I couldn’t polish out. No vibe from what I can tell, an absolute beast of a yoyo! But the shape just isn’t for me. $75 shipped or trades.

Al7 Albatross- A few dings around the rims, nothing major. No vibe from what I can tell, more solid than the 6061 Albatross. $90 shipped or trades.

Leviathan 1,2,3 or 5
Other Turning Points besides Taraqus
GZR 54
Chief-Red with Clear Splash or Green Apple, mint or near mint only.
Offer Other Cool Stuff


Can u please PM Me about the vitality?
I have an Avalanchm

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**Mordo offers $10 shipped for this whole BST


Well, this BST is pretty much done lol. Everything is gone


Well, this BST is pretty much done lol. Everything is gone

But ok.


Bump, new stuff added!


Bump! Don’t want cascades or tiny throws!


Mighty flea then jk


Bump! New stuff!


Does this still count as a same day bump lol


Surprised that no one has offered on the Quake, looks like avengedseven77 was wrong about the value lol

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