YoYoSkills.com put on Indefinite Hiatus

Yoyoskills has been put on hiatus. I know I will miss this awesome online presence in the community. You have influenced my purchases and introduced me to great throws, you have turned around some of my bad days with an awesome yoyo video. Thanks for all that you have done.

Link: http://www.yoyoskills.com/

Really loved reading their stuff and getting updates from them. They will be missed.

IIIIIIIIII will always love Yoooooouuuuu

thats really a bummer but i totally understand the need to fulfill his adult responsibilities and notice he said he wasnt done just this needed to take a break while he climbed higher in his education and added to his family.

all in all it will be missed but i definitely understand why and commend him for taking time to put his family and schooling first!

What will happen to YYN? Losing the Peak and 888 thread would be tragic. I would really miss the old show off threads for Freehands and various companies too

What about the Civility yoyo that is still being made? It should be out any time. I know a whole lot of DONATIONS went into it for its inception.

YoYoSkills had nothing to do with the Civility. That was yotricks.com.

What does this have to do with yoyoskills?


Sorry sorry. Thought that was them obviously, but got them mixed up between the two.

I like the logo of the guy with two yoyos flying but other than that never go there because no selection. Even shirts stop before my size. Guess tall people are left out over there. Nice tuts on some but then not so great on others and layout is jacked up so rarely click on them unless its from a google search.

My bad again.

Well… that sucks. Now True Throw is the only blog I’m interested in reading.