there is no best. its just a personal prefrence. anything is the best. as long as its not duncan or yomega


What’s your favorite yoyo? Is the YYF WHIP a good yoyo?


DUNCAN!!! But it is all the style finish shape weight diameter more and etc. that you have to consider. So the best yoyo in the whole entire world is

the yoyo you like.


Well excuse me. I think Duncan has been making pretty good yoyos recantly and even though yomega sucks at making real competition yoyos, I still learned almost every trick I know on a Yomega and Duncan.



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Round yoyos are best because square yoyos hurt to much. ::slight_smile:

What kind of pizza is best? State facts only, no opinions allowed.


only the kind of pizza that has crust, suace , and cheese… because it feeds you

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Ding ding ding! Zerrabbel wins the prize! What’s the prize? hmmmm, (where’s that pizza crust?)


The company that makes yoyos that spin…


Mine dont spin they twirl like a ballerina