Yoyos with a comfortable shape?


So what yoyos do YOU like that has a comfortable shape, what do I mean by that? I mean like the doesn’t hurt when you catch it either hard or wrong. For example my czm8 hurts when I catch it wrong, what yoyos do you enjoy that don’t hurt when you catch it wrong/hard? Id like to find out


Square Wheels Yoyo Company - Nomad

Pretty much any very round organic will be comfy, though!


Puffin 2 is very comfortable


Reccomendations in stock here at yye would be better please


The first throw that comes into mind is the OD Valor, but then I saw that there are none in stock. Another comfortable one is the OD Format:C, but this one kinda hurts a bit if caught wrong.


Well, you didn’t specify at all that you wanted to buy, and that you wanted to buy from here. It was a broad question that seemed to be out of interest rather than pre-purchase scouting. :wink:

Spin Dynamics Smooth Move is a comfortable undersized yoyo that’s in stock. One of my all-time favourites.

Werrd Minute is an inexpensive and comfortable option-- they call it “undersized” but it’s more of a mid-sized IMO.

One Drop Cascade or Benchmark O… comfy throws!


I’ve found that just about every organic shaped yoyo is pretty comfortable. For V and to a lesser degree, H shaped throws, I think whether or not a throw will be comfortable will depend on your actual hand.

(G2 Jake) #8

Most comfy yoyos in no specific order.



All metal yoyo’s can hurt your hand, but, an Organic throw is more comfortable and hurts less.


I really like the Shapiro of my Turning point Paranoid it has a nice rounded v shape I love


I own a cascade and addiction, I do have to say they are nice yoyos. So how about rounded v shapes, or whatever you call the shape of the proton. Or how about something that’s not organic shaped?


Crazy D isn’t bad since it’s made of delrin and plays pretty well

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Classic General-Yos. All of them.

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YYF Cypher is a nice comfy throw. It will be the chilliest when it’s released.


Bassline 2


I like my torrent 2 as well too!