Yoyos somewhat like a Shutter


Hello everyone, I am considering getting another metal yoyo but I want a specific quality: Staying on plane, or not waggling from side to side. Their are few yoyos that I have tried that even come close to matching this aspect of the Shutter, but I really want them to have it. The One Drop benchmark h is the only one I remember having this ability, but, what other throws currently in stock have this specific quality? Please keep recommendations to under 60 bucks. Thanks!
Edit: By “Waggling from side to side” I don’t mean stability, but rather the ability of a yoyo to avoid plane breaking motion, friction on the sides from string contact due to the yoyo moving sideways after being stopped or changing direction during a trick. An h shape may or may not have this ability, I believe the Shutters unique ability to stay on plane is due partially to the partly centralized, partly rim focused weight distribution rather then simply the shape. Pretty much anyone other then me has had more yoyos, so pretty much anyones input is valuable :slight_smile:


Too many to list. Just look for anything with a strong H shape and/or lots of rim weight. That should give you what you want.


I found the horizon and kenshen to be far more stable than my shu-ta. The shu-ta is, however, the most comfortable of the 3, imo.


So, a Axis Mixtape, 44rpm Rhythm, Duncan Origami, Yoyofactory Genesis, or Yoyofficer Tusk would play similar to a Shutter?


If you want something like a shutter: the shuta.


I recently got a Spin Dynamics Spark and was surprised at how similar it played to the Shutter.

The feel is a little different, it’s a little lighter and quicker, but besides that, the way it plays is very similar to the Shutter.