Yoyos similar to the Topyo silenus

So I recently looked at the Topyo silenus and I instantly fell in love with the shape. So does anyone know any yoyos with a similar h shape or a yoyo similar to the silenus?


Basecamp expedition welcome to the forums!


I have a Silenus for sale if you are interested…

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well it depends what color it is :smile:

thanks for the help!

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it is pink/blue so when you throw it, it spins purple… top row far right

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Silenus above a Top Deck

I’ve got a ton of yoyos and my One Drop Top Deck is closest in shape but they feel / play a lot different. The Topyo Colossus V is actually the closest in feel (to me) to the Silensus even though it’s somewhat narrower. Welcome to the Forums!


hmm…let me think about it

You won’t break the bank getting a Silenus. It’s a GREAT throw. I highly doubt you would regret getting one.


@larbonara_123 the speedaholic xx is also similar. what is your price range?

$200 is my max i guess

Yyf shutter, graviti vulcan and top yo mojo are a few more. all avalible on the yoyoexpert store :grin:

All excellent yoyos of the same family:

TopYo Silenus is the chill one imo.

TopYo Dominator (raw power) -> https://shop.yoyoexpert.com/products/dominator-yoyo-by-topyo

TopYo Mojo (plastic version) -> https://shop.yoyoexpert.com/products/mojo-yoyo-by-topyo

TopYo Meta (between silenus and domiator) -> https://shop.yoyoexpert.com/products/meta-yoyo-by-topyo

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Been a while since I’ve played a Silenus, but as I recall the One Drop Gauntlet feels kinda similar.