New Top Yo Silenus!

Top Yo created the Silenus for those players who prefer a little comfort over a pure performance driven hard v-shape; A yo-yo that will capture the eye of the player looking for a high performance throw that doesn’t focus on pure speed. The Silenus!

The Silenus offers a really comfortable shape in the hand that doesn’t skimp on performance. It has a wide stepped profile with a huge catch zone for risky whips and plenty of rim weight to maximize stability and spin time. It has a maneuverable feel on the string and holds a spin through your longest combos. Weighing in at 67.5g its on the heavier side, but the Silenus has a really pleasant smooth feel on the string that makes you want to keep on throwing.

Available in some amazing colors and at an even more amazing price, the new Top Yo Silenus is the perfect choice for the new or veteran thrower!

Any idea when these will be back in stock?

These are soooo good. I see why they sell out. Get more!!