Yoyos in the wild.

Hey guys! So, I recently found this:

I was wondering, what are some things you’ve found with yoyoing in them? TV shows, movies, etc.

I did see Hiroyuki Suzuki on Guinness World Records a few times.

I recall seeing a record about knocking coins off people’s ears too.

Drake and Josh :smiley:

Haha Icarly too. And in one episode of zach and cody there is a yoyo competition and they cast one of the people as a kid 2a awesomeness kid and he is like awesome. He is professional, but i don’t remember his name.

I’m pretty sure that was grant johnson

I say the Stan lee super humans one.

His name was Yohan Yo. He was a huge jerk and won the tournament but the manager found out he was a professional and it was armature contest and he was disqualified. Cody won with his mind boggling trapeze.

“Yohan Yo” Was actually grant johnson I believe.
It’s weird, I was actually kind of bored after watching that episode more than once… which is weird since it’s my hobby.

Yup, that was Grant Johnson.

He was also on Ellen if I recall correctly

You do. I saw a youtube video of it.

Yup, that guy’s been around a lot. You could say he’s gotten pretty well known. I’ve seen videos of him on a few news spots, too.

Harrison Lee has been showing the off in canada

Kids next door theres that one kid with a yoyo who always has it and he has really really short string.

There’s also that Yoyo in grown ups 2

Ya that surprised me! It was an Ash Berry Avalanche I think.