Yoyos for the broyos… again

First picture is of the whole lot. Then second two is the lot broken down into two smaller lots. Deals to be had. But no trades this time around.
Top lot
•YYF uppercut, Mint in box - SOLD
•YYF ko, Mint in box - SOLD
•YYF California, no box, i(b)s grade. SOLD
•YYF skyline, no box, i(b)s grade. SOLD
•YYF severe, no mint, no box. $35
•iYoyo Iceberg, mint in box. SOLD

Lower lot
•Crucial heavy cream, no mint, no box. $90
•g2 banshee, no damage but has engraving, $75
•Anglam, no mint, no box, $75
•ilyy noctu. It’s mint, no box. SOLD
•oyy freq. mod. Zero damage but has some black marks from the foam in my case. Legit never played, can’t explain this stuff, I tried to clean it off but it won’t come off. SOLD
•Yoyofriends Peregrine, mint in box, SOLD

Feel free to ask about more pictures on any of these, deals on multiples. Anything above $20 shipping is included. Otherwise I’ll have to ask ya to add $3.75


K/o is sold.

Please let me know if the Peregrine deal doesn’t happen. Thanks.

I sent the first guy a message. If he doesn’t respond in the next 10 minutes I’ll give you the chance to buy it.

You should probably give him 24-48hrs. I don’t want to steal it from them.

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I’m also not into holding onto yoyos when people don’t have full intention to buy. I’ve sat around and waited to sell yoyos for days just for people to not come through. First come first serve from now on ya know


Skyline, freq. mod, and noctu sold as bundle.

Uppercut, California, iceberg, and peregrine have sold

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