Final price drop! Get them while you can! I want these shipped and out of here by Monday!

$75 for both yoyos!

  • Do not lowball me, these are low enough! If you can’t afford my prices, get a job! Just kidding, but yes, they are pretty low. I will listen to offers within reason.

*Everything below is now for sale on ebay. I’d still rather do transactions here, but I understand some of you prefer the security of going through ebay. You will notice prices are different. That is because of ebay seller fees. Like I said, I’d rather do business through the forums. Additional pictures for each yoyo are on ebay. If you see something you’d like and want to purchase (or trade) PM me or buy it now on ebay.

Ebay link:

*All sales will be packaged safely in either an envelope or box. I would be happy to include some string if you ask. All domestic sales will be shipped ideally first class, automatically tracked, and the number will be provided to you the day I ship. This BST will remain until all are bought or slashed off the BST. If you want priority, add $3 for the shipping cost.

*At this time I am only selling. No trades please except if it involves a mint or very near mint Wasabi '09 or a 54. I would like to get my hands on a H5xChief if you have one you can part with, we can work something out.

*Paypal preferred, money order or cash acceptable.  No personal checks or IOU’s.

*No paypal gifts, let’s do paypal purchases only.

I will sell or trade internationally except Italy or Peru.  Paypal or Western Union preferred.

That’s all, thanks for bearing with me :slight_smile:

Ebay link again:

Here’s what I have:

Starting with 1st column, up to down then left to right.

*One Drop M1, SOLD

*One Drop Markmont Next, SOLD


*SPYY Revenger, SOLD

*One Drop Cascade, SOLD


*HSPINxOxygene H20, TRADED

*YYF Starlite, mint. Smooth. Perfect for you little ravers!
$17 shipped, cash or paypal

*One Drop Y-Factor, pink, white and black splash. Yes, it’s smooth, and yes, Y-Factors are among my favorite throws, as it should be yours. 2 minuscule scuffs on the rims, I’d be happy to send you photos. You can have your own Y-Factor for
$60 shipped, cash or paypal

*One Drop Code 1, TRADED

*One Drop Code 2, TRADED

*Tom Kuhn SB-2, TRADED

Ebay link again:

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Im interested in your Starbrite but its $6 dollars more than it cost brand new. Is there a reson for that?

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