Lots for sale!

Hi there,

I have a whole bunch of yoyos for sale. Feel free to ask any questions.

I am not in the USA so expect 2-3 weeks to reach you if you are. Shipping is reliable.

Yoyo Palace, Answer, Unknown edition, mint with packaging, $80 shipped

Yoyo Palace, Ethereal, mint with packaging, $70 shipped

OneDrop, Panorama, minor ano flaw, mint, smooth, comes with ultra lights, $65 shipped

TopYo, Double Zero MKII, mint, great yoyo, $70 shipped

YYR Comic Sans x 2 (both mint) $50 shipped for both

Slim Dunk, mint, smooth,
Mowl Highwall, mint, smooth,
Dunk, near mint, smooth
All three for $100 shipped, no packaging

Kyo Tinman, mint with packaging, $200 shipped sold

MK1, Umbra, mint, smooth, $65 shipped sold

44RPM Blues, NM, $50 shipped

G2 OG Banshee, NM, smooth, $75 shipped

Any of the below, 3 for $75 shipped:

Duncan metal FH, mint, has some nail vibe, plays great

Thesis Serenade, NM

Sorry yoyos, Hella Ratchet

YYR Helvetica, mint, smooth

YYR Fay, with stainless steel rings, mint, comes regular and half spec bearing

RSO x Doc Pop, The End Part II, $200 shipped sold
General Yoyo bundle: Essence and Majesty (latest release) for $70 shipped sold
CoreCo Mothra, mint, smooth, $60 shipped sold
Freshly Dirty, OG Mod44, mint with all the rims, $60 shipped sold
Big Brother Bully, has some light damage, plays great, $85 shipped sold
ILYY bundle: E1NS and Lynx for $160 shipped sold
ILYY, E1NS Hagebutte 2021, mint, smooth with box
ILYY, Lynx Traubensaft, mint, smooth with box
Eric Wolf, Silk, good condition, had some vibe sold
C3 Halo, has light damage, some vibe sold
Big Brother Yoyos, TT, no damage, has some vibe, plays great sold
YYR Valkyrie (new version, from lucky box), mint with a little nail vibe, $80 shipped sold
C3 Galaxy Driver, has one spot of damage and some vibe, plays great, no packaging, will add to another purchase for $20. sold
OneDrop, Cabal, Darkmatter, with box, 1 of 2, $150 shipped sold



Some sold.
Bumping so I can edit the original without bumping the post.


Don’t hesitate to buy from Rich. Outstanding fellow.

I recommend.


Was gonna say the same thing. He’s great.


To the top.
Some good deals still to be had.

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Dont hesitate to buy! very good stuff and service


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