YOYOs for pickle rick


Only selling, unless you have my wants

want list:
-Team Edition OG Superstar
-Team Edition DNA
-Team Edition Speed Dial


Add $3. Prefer not shipping overseas.
—discount if you like my business page Level Up Rentals
icon G5 SOLD
MVP $50
MVP 2 $50
Nickel H.O.T. $70
2016 Dogma SOLD
Space-cowboy $50
Al Dream $20
Day Dream $10
Skyline SOLD
Newer yyf superstar $45
Regen $20
Theory $40
Inspire SOLD
Luftverk Evora $300
Supernova $40
Supernova lite $35
Nova $30
Severe '13 $15

I got a g5

I have a pair of loop 900’s and a miguel correa edition genesis in nearly perfect condition

I have the following, zeekio core $35 Duncan freakhand $12 yoyo king merlin that doesn’t have the thing that says merlin for $15

do you want a champion edition protostar brand new never used still in box for$40


I got a blue/white minty Speed Dial.

BUMP!!! Sky Chaser and SuperWide sold!!!

BUMP!!! I’m back on the forum!!!

Only selling, unless you have my wants

want list:
-Team Edition OG Superstar
-Team Edition DNA
-Team Edition Speed Dial





Add $3 for shipping except for last two. Prefer not shipping overseas.
Protostars $5 (gray gone)
icon G5 $40
Winston superstar $50
Speed Dial $5
Hard coat Dv888 $10
MVP & MVP 2 $55 each or $100 both
Rare Nickel Proton and H.O.T. $70 each or $120 both
2016 Dogma $35
Shu-ta $25
Space-cowboy $55
Al Dream $25
Day Dream $15
Primo $35
Skyline $40
555 G5 SOLD
Newer yyf superstar $50
Regen $20
Metal replay SOLD
Cascade $50
Theory $40
Inspire $20
Revival $35
Joy ride $20
First base $5
Weekend $50
Luftverk Evora $300
Luftverk Octavia $300

BUMP, PM me for details on how to get 10% off <3

BUMP- Trying to make one trip to Post Office. I’ll probably knock off a few bucks please fellas. save a brother the extra trips <3