Yoyos and tops for sale


Yoyos for sale

orange superstar 3a marks and 4-5 dings on it $37
st 71 tarnished rims and a couple cracks $17
Higby Lyn Fury mint $17 Pending
white kickside some scratches and scuffs $11 Pending
2007 nats journey small cracks around the axle $8
Hayabus grey and red scuffs,scratches and dings $7
Hayabusa orange and white 1 missing cap scuffs,scratches and dings $6
Hot pink projam 3 scuffs $10
Green phenomizm couple small cracks $17 Pending
Ganador Fixed axle top $10
Holo tromp bearing top-$12
Random fixed tip top

Proyo unopened pads $2

Prices include shipping in the US. Package deals will be cheaper and discounted on shipping.
More picks will be getting posted later.

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