Yoyoripp's BST FS/FT: CLYW Avalanche, YYF Genesis, ILYY Enigma

Hey guys!, I recently added lots of new throws I am not very attached to them (even though some I love) so offer away, and dont be afraid to ask because I can be flexible with deals. Have fun, no lowballing please. Also I am looking for an Arctic Circle, yeah that one from CLYW, preferably it has a little bit of damage so I don’t worry about keeping it mint, I plan for it to be my prime throw so I would like it to be a good throw, as in non vibey. Colorway really doesn’t matter.

Any yoyo (except magicyo and TMBR)
CLYW swag (attire)
Arctic Circle

All other offers will be ignored! Just kidding.

(Grade ,Quantity, Condition, Brand, Yoyo, Color Way, Price)

A. 5a marks, YYF, 2012 Genesis, Blue W/ Black splash - $70

A. 5a marks, YYF, Miggy 2 Genesis, Green - $70

A. 5a marks, YYF, 2012 EYYC Genesis, Black W/ Gold splash - $70

A. 2 Near mint, YYF, Translucent Red Loop 900’s -$25

B. Used, CLYW, Avalanche, Clareview Station - $40

B. Near Mint, CLYW, Avalanche, Solid Black - $50

B. Mint, ILYY, Enigma, Half Red Half Orange - $70 + shipping

A. Mint, YYJ, Go Big, Blue - $20

A. Mint, Adegle, PSG, Gem blue - deal sweetener










Contact me for any questions/extra pictures

One bump a day homes.

WHat did he just say!?

Sorry I didn’t read the last one and I kind of forgot about that rule :frowning:

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Hey do you still have the used blue and gold gnarwal and loop 900s???

Would you trade the blue splash gnarhwal for a MIB inspire?