Yoyorecreation Presents: Blur Autoscopy - Signature 1A YoYo for Hajime Miura!

Blur Autoscopy stands as Hajime Miura’s distinctive signature model. Hajime aspired to excel in the 1A division, yet he found his existing signature yo-yos were not quite enough to tailor to his 1A style.

Black-Blur-Autoscopy Black-Blur-Autoscopy-2 Black-Blur-Autoscopy-3

Collaborating with Kengo and drawing inspiration from his beloved GOPA yoyo, they set out to craft a new masterpiece. By melding the qualities of the GOPA with the Autoscopy, enhancing rim weight, and expanding its dimensions, they achieved the ideal yoyo tailored to Hajime’s preferences.



it’s good, lighter gopa that’s a bit more performance-forward

gap feels a bit tight to me, definitely works better with thinner string, haven’t bothered to swap the pads out or experiment though yet


Found that to be the case too. Feels like tighter binds from thinner string?

Yeah that’s about what I was getting. Great yoyo, just not a great yoyo for OT Fat :smiley:

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