Yoyorecreation Releases - AUTOSCOPY | GOTHAM | OPTIMA

Autoscopy and Aut(OS)copy are the signature yo-yos of Hajime Miura, who has won six consecutive world championships, and in 2018, won two categories simultaneously.

Inspired by his unparalleled career in the history of yo-yos, in which he controlled two yo-yos in the two categories in which he won, yoyorecreation took on the challenge of simultaneously developing a bimetal and off-string yo-yo of the same shape. The result is a yo-yo that can compete in competitions with one or two of each.

The goal of this series was to take the structure and features of the specific font and interpret it into a yo-yo design. One of the classic fonts in recent years, Gotham utilizes strong lines and natural curves just like it’s namesake font. The comfortable curved profile and even weight distribution gives this yo-yo a bold and powerful feel on the string with ample stability and spin time. It offers a great play experience for a variety of styles.

The Optima is a simple and sophisticated shape inspired by the persistently popular font it is named after. The angular yet slightly curved wing-shape profile gives it a fast and powerful feel on the string while the flat cup face keep center weight to a minimum for a nimble & maneuverable play experience.