Blur Autoscopy by Yoyorecreation Returns in New Colors! - Signature Of World YoYo Champion Hajime Miura!

The Blur Autoscopy returns in a beautiful selection of colors!

Dark-Teal-Blur-Autoscopy Dark-Teal-Blur-Autoscopy-02 Dark-Teal-Blur-Autoscopy-03

Blur Autoscopy stands as Hajime Miura’s distinctive signature model. Hajime aspired to excel in the 1A division, yet he found his existing signature yo-yos were not quite enough to tailor to his 1A style.

Collaborating with Kengo and drawing inspiration from his beloved GOPA yoyo, they set out to craft a new masterpiece. By melding the qualities of the GOPA with the Autoscopy, enhancing rim weight, and expanding its dimensions, they achieved the ideal yoyo tailored to Hajime’s preferences.