YoYoRadio.....it's back.....

YoYo Radio, the long-running but recently silent internet radio show, starts up again on Thursday June 9th at 9 pm (EST). ‘YoYos Coast to Coast,’ the web’s first show about yo-yoing, aired over 100 episodes from 2005 through 2008. Silent for the most part in the three years since, the show returns to run from 9-10 pm (EST) on Thursdays, starting June 9th.

The show will broadcast from Wilmington, Delaware. Joining Joe Mitchell, owner of YoYo Joe’s and the host of every past show, will be Tom Uleau, longtime yoyoer and owner of Top Score Decals in West Chester, PA. Tom has emceed the past three Mid-Atlantic Regional Yo-Yo Contests.

YoYoRadio can be heard on their webpage - YoYoRadio.net during the broadcast time. The shows will air live over the web on Thursdays and will be recorded and available on the website for download later. Unlike the past, when YoYoRadio.net was an internet radio station, the current incarnation of YoYoRadio will only be broadcasting during the live show.

As in the past, listeners wishing to call into YoYoRadio can use Skype and talk to Joe & Tom using the username ‘yoyoradio.’

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Goes to make skype account

I know!

Goes to figure out how to actually use his skype account

somebody needs to bring back string burn live

String Burn Live wished it was as cool as YoYoRadio…

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Bite your tongue!

im bleeding

He got me too…

Why Q, why?

haha…i remember yoyoradio from a few years ago. glad you got the station back up, joe :slight_smile:

i look forward to tunin’ in…



Update - guests for the June 9th show will be Steve Brown, Triple Crown of YoYo organizer as well as YoYo Factory’s Gentry Stein - who will talk about his upcoming signature model the Super G and his recent win at BAC.

Why must I be on vacation during such things… :-\

sweet news joe…! good to see you still around…!

Today is the day for the long-awaited/dreaded return of YoYoRadio. How to listen? Go to YoYoRadio.net at 9 pm (Eastern Standard Time) and click the ‘Listen Live’ tab on the left of the page.

Tonight’s guests are National Yo-Yo Master and Triple Crown of YoYo Promoter Steve Brown as well as YoYo Factory’s Gentry Stein.

You can call in during the show by using Skype and calling ‘yoyoradio.’

Hope to hear from you tonight!


Will this eventually be a podcast to download?