yoyoofficer fit or c3 token


which seems better(not best but better performer) for tech tricks,horizontal,5a,grinding.


YYO fit SEEMS better. I have a Token and it’s a fun throw. However, it does not really grind. At all. Tech tricks it could probably do, but string hits will knock it off-axis easily, so you’re going to need to be hecka clean. 5a? Not a chance… most people don’t use mini throws for 5a, do they?

Horizontal, I’ve never tried on the Token. All I can do is half a banana turnover anyhow. :wink:

Without having tried the YYO Fit, I would still bet good money that it’ll be a more “competent” yoyo overall. Get the Token for fun or if you’re a boss and you don’t mind the challenge. Otherwise, you can pretty safely pass on it.

Wait, have I just been trolled? Were those serious questions? :wink:


yes those are serious qustions. and i will get the fit also thanks for the help


Glad to help!


Token isn’t really a performance-oriented yoyo imo. Yoyo Officers look great though so yeah.

(Bína) #6

Fit is focused on performance, it follows YYR Six and E=mc2 in that it’s small, but wide and quite heavy. Stable, long spining with solid feel. I think it’s great for tech tricks and horizontal. I’m not good in 5A, but I think it’s ok for it. Just grinds are poor, since surface is glossy.

I really like mine and I will use it on upcoming contests.